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Private Chauffeur Driven Tours

Private Chauffeur Driven Tours

There are many occasions or reasons why you may wish to opt for a private tour instead of a group tour. Cars for Stars (East London) is perfect suited to fill the void left by so many other companies offering a pre-determined tour rather than a bespoke one designed to suit the individual.

The Vehicles

Tours of London and the UK. Chauffeur driven, top of the Range Mercedes Viano people carrier (MPV)Cars for Stars (East London) customers can choose from a wide variety of vehicles (see our image gallery, by following the links at the head of our website) for their tour, be the preference for a people carrier, chauffeur driven car or an American stretched limousine. We can offer the most popular mercedes Viano Ambiente people carrier, which can seat up to 7 passengers (sorry, no luggage) or up to 5 in relative armchair comfort (one in the front). Alternatively, if there are only 2 or 3 of you, then we can provide a top of the range chauffeur car, these are typically long wheel based versions and include the all new jaguar XJ (LWB), Mercedes S Class (LWB) and the BMW 7 Series (LWB). If you want something a little more exclusive, Cars for Stars may be able to offer you a Rolls Royce Phantom or Bentley Arnage.

We also have a selection of modern stretched limousines for hire, these can be selected for private tours and are available in a variety of colours and styles. Colours include white, silver, vanilla white and black and the models include the popular Lincoln Town Car, Chrysler 300 and Hummer.

The Tours

Whilst Cars for Stars (East London) has a number of pre-determined tours, we normally find that our clients are keen to design their very own itinerary Viano People Carrier. Configured for 4 rear seat passenger and one in the front if required.and we actively encourage this approach. If you tell us what you want to see and over what period, we will provide the estimated journey times and determine the routes, if you prefer, we can provide 'sample' tours.

Tours can be anything you want. Some of our clients may want a tour of London, whilst others want to visit tourist sites or castles, as a professional operator, we will work around what our clients are looking for, whilst remaining practical and helpful with regards to times and distances.

Tour Guides or Blue Badge Guides

Because our chauffeur may not be the best person to provide a running commentary on the destinations or venues selected by our customers, many will opt for a professional tour guide or, more commonly, a Blue Badge Guide. These professional guides can assist with journey planning, provide interesting facts and offer suggestions for good stopping points or overnight stays. In addition, many are bi-lingual, allowing our customers to receive descriptions and information in their mother language.

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